They’re Here: The 6 Popular Coat Trends That Will Define Fall and Winter

Can you feel it? Yep, crisper weather is creeping in whether we like it or not, and before we know it, we’ll be transitioning from the light jackets we’re living in now to heavy-duty outerwear. That’s right. It’s time to talk about coats. As much as we lament the transition from fall to winter, the upside is that we get a fresh batch of coat trends to relish in.

As style people, we’re always looking to our favorite retailers and fashion friends on Instagram to inform what’s new and what’s next. And when it comes to coat weather, we’ve officially spotted six new trends that will be the most important for the season ahead. From the fresh leather toppers to the new-age puffer coats and shackets that make the seasonal transition much easier, continue on to read our 2021 outerwear report and to shop our favorites within each category.

It had been a few years since bomber jackets were in the spotlight, and per the predictability of the trend cycle, it was about time they made their return. The styles we’re seeing this time vary in silhouette (Prada’s were notably oversize, while Stella McCartney and Hermès presented shorter, cropped styles), but the overarching theme is the sleek and put-together styling.

As events and parties come racing back onto our calendars, it only makes sense that occasion outerwear would as well. Designers such as Tom Ford and Lanvin are offering up pretty peacoats and dressier toppers that honestly make for strong looks on their own.

If you ask us, the best part about this time of year is the ability to wear lots of leather. While the past few seasons have been all about classic black leather pieces, we can’t deny that there’s a return to bright and bold hues for fall 2021, with primary colors like cobalt blue and cherry red at the forefront.

Coats so puffy and cloud-like that you’re tempted to take a nap in them—that’s the vibe for fall and winter. Plenty of designers, from Balmain to Bevza, are on board, showing quilted puffer coats in their collections that ranged from over-the-top voluminous pieces to understated and sleek silhouettes with a touch of puffiness.

From ponchos to capes and luxurious knit wraps, there’s no denying an overall theme of being wrapped up in a cozy outer layer. If last year was all about loungewear for the indoors, this trend indicates that we’re still in our cozy mood but are ready for something that can be taken outside, too.

While animal prints, in general, are relatively trend-proof, classic leopard print specifically is bubbling up as a coat trend to watch this fall. Per the dozens of designers who featured leopard looks in their collections, we fully expect them to have a moment again this season, but as a timeless piece in and of itself, it’s a “buy now, wear forever” kind of thing.

Up next, see the two-piece outfit trend that’s already defining fall style.

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