The 17 Nail Products Our Readers and Editors Would Recommend Over and Over

Simply put, it’s our job to find the best beauty products out there for you. From the newest serum to the hottest lipstick color to the dry shampoo that will change your life, we will find it, test it, and let you know what we think. We’re not complaining. It’s a pretty fun gig, and we’ll volunteer to be beauty guinea pigs any day.

But one of the cool things to come out of this is finding out what products you’re loving and buying. It helps us figure out what you want to learn more about and what you’re into so we can bring even more personalized recs to you.

Because we share a lot of our favorites with you every single day, we recognize it might be hard to keep up. So we’ve decided to put together a handy weekly list of what we love and what you love—consider this a CliffsNotes, one-stop-shop of what’s really trending and worth adding to your cart at this very moment.

This week, we’re talking about the products that will guarantee you healthier nails. Do you have a product that we missed? We’d love to know. Send us a DM.

The Hard as Hoof Strengthening Cream is enriched with vitamins A, C, D, and E; minerals; jojoba-seed oil; calcium; and beeswax. It helps prevent splits, chips, peels, and cracks.

Biotin is a B vitamin that can promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. This formula is made with organic coconut oil and is 100% vegan.

This base coat does so much to nourish the nails. It hydrates, prevents breakage and splitting, and stimulates growth. It leaves a nice glossy finish, too.

Apply this lightweight oil to revitalize your dry, brittle, and cracked cuticles and nails. It contains milk to soothe and soften and honey to keep the skin hydrated.

Your hands (and your nails) can get dry throughout the day. Keep them extra soft with this cream. It’s formulated with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and vitamin E.

These softgels are designed to support healthy hair, skin, and nails thanks to the biotin, vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid in the formula.

With hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium, this nail strengthener will harden the nails and promote growth. It also comes in four neutral shades if you want a little bit of color.

When you file your nails, you’re not just making them appear neat and groomed. You’re also preventing any splits, chips, or peels. This glass file will protect the keratin layers, and it lasts a lot longer than other nail files.

Described as “green juice for your fingertips,” Tenoverten’s Celery Oil absorbs quickly and repairs the cuticles and nails. The main ingredient is celery-seed extract, which promotes cell growth and reduces ridges. Other ingredients include meadowfoam, evening primrose, chia-seed, and rosehip oils.

Some nail polish removers can really strip the nails dry, but not this one. The powerful formula is acetone-free and can remove both regular and shellac polishes.

This conditioning formula contains 0.11% oxyquinoline, which works to strengthen and thicken cuticle fibers. There’s also lanolin to promote smooth regrowth.

If you have damaged nails because of acrylics or gels, Nail Tek’s three-step system works to repair, strengthen, and moisturize. The kit contains a ridge filler, strengthener, and cuticle oil that can be used daily.

The natural pink hue of this ridge filler will neutralize your nail color. The formula contains proteins, vitamins, and a moisture-binding agent to strengthen weakened nails and prevent any brittleness.

OPI’s cuticle oil is a blend of grape-seed, sesame, kukui, sunflower, and cupuaçu oils for a huge boost of moisture. And if you think an oil will be heavy and greasy, think again—this one’s lightweight.

With a name like “Killer Nails,” you know this formula is going to be serious. It contains vegan biotin to leave your nails thicker and healthier, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s non-GMO, free of artificial sweeteners or colors, and triple-tested for purity.

Pushing back or managing your cuticles can be difficult, and sometimes, it might result in damage. This treatment exfoliates the area by loosening and removing dry and dead skin so it’s easy to maintain your cuticles.

If you’re dealing with a nail fungus, this treatment might help. The topical medication is made with all-natural ingredients—just apply a thin coat to the infected nail twice daily and avoid using nail polish. Next, It’s a Fact: These Best-Selling Nail Colors Look Better on Your Toes

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