People Criticize Me for Wearing the Same Thing, But Sorry, This Outfit Is Chic

I’m all for a uniform to make getting dressed as seamless as possible. Sure, I like to experiment with fashion and switch it up from time to time, but there’s a standard fit that truly works within my personal style. The ensemble in question? A moto jacket, basic top, black skinny jeans or trousers, and simple shoes (like white sneakers or boots). I gravitate toward this specific outfit because I find it chic and always “in” thanks to its timeless nature. Oh, not to mention it’s also comfortable and incredibly easy to just throw on and go. What do my friends think about it? Sure, they’re into it in general as a sleek look, but they have made it known that they’re not as into how often I wear it (despite that I consider it my uniform).

It’s true. I do wear this same outfit multiple times a week (featuring fresh pieces each time, of course), so I often get, “Why do you work in fashion yet wear the same thing all the time?” This question used to annoy me a bit to be honest, but over time, as I got more comfortable with myself and my style, I just sort of brushed it off. And if I decided I wanted to respond, I usually compiled an abridged version of my reasoning above with something like this: “It’s my uniform. It’s cool. And when you find something that works, you should just wear it. Enough said.”

What do you think? Is there a uniform you wear on repeat? Interested in seeing more of mine? Below I rounded up a few fashion people (including myself) wearing the type of outfit I swear by. Keep scrolling for more, and remember: You should always embrace your uniform or whatever it is you love wearing. Just do you.

A leather jacket brings an extra element of “cool” to any ensemble—including one like this with the blouse and black trousers.

Voilà. This is me in my uniform. A simple crew-neck sweatshirt teamed with a classic moto jacket (and black skinny jeans and canvas sneakers, which you can’t see) just works for me and is inherently chic in my eyes.

I’m also all about the leather-on-leather look right now with a moto jacket, basic tee, leather trousers, and white socks and sneakers for an extra pop.

While I typically don’t wear a ton of color, if I do decide to go for it, it’s usually in the form of a T-shirt or sweatshirt with my staple leather jacket and trousers.

I don’t personally really wear heels, but I’m feeling this kind of vibe for more dressed-up settings featuring the leather jacket and either a jumpsuit or top tucked into tailored pants with formal shoes for a streamlined silhouette.

Next, check out how to build a chic capsule wardrobe.

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