I Own a Lot of Loungewear, But These 2 Comfy Outfits Honestly Impressed Me

When I decided to retreat to my parents’ house out of state a couple of months ago, I packed mostly denim, T-shirts, and sweaters. Jeans, you ask? I know, I know—not the most practical decision I’ve ever made in my life, but here we are. Little did I know I wouldn’t be returning to my New York apartment or closet for months.

Needless to say, I’m officially in the market for anything and everything loungewear. You name it; I probably need it. I’m not necessarily trying to spend a ton of money on an entire new comfy-clothes wardrobe, so I’m thankful to see that there are some seriously cute and seriously affordable options at Walmart right now. I’m not alone on this either. I recently saw producer, host, and fashion-girl Madison Williams share a couple comfy ‘fits she found there, too. Her outfits are inexpensive, yes, but I’m also seriously impressed with how stylish they are. See and shop them for yourself… I already did.

I’ve never related to someone more than when Madison explained her current at-home style. “I feel like I have three outfits each day: my jammies, my daytime jammies, and my nighttime jammies. Comfort is crucial and jeans these days are a hard ‘no.'” she says. If anyone else is living a different motto right now, please explain yourself.

In terms of “daytime jammies,” as she puts it, Madison’s go-to look is an oversize sweatshirt, fleece sweatpants or biker shorts, and tube socks, as seen here. “For starters, Champion is such an iconic brand, and their things are quality,” she says. “Plus, I can easily style this sweatshirt with jeans for a cool girl look post-quarantine.”

I think we all deserve a closer look at those tube socks, so here it is. “They’re so soft and add such an automatic cool factor,” Madison says. I personally don’t like walking around the house in bare feet, so these are a must for me as well.

Take one look at Madison’s Instagram feed, if you already haven’t by now, and you’ll understand why this next outfit has her name written all over it. Simply put, her colorful style sparks joy. She regularly wears vibrant outfits like this one here. “Vibrancy is kind of my vibe,” she says. “I’ve always been attracted to color. It probably comes from my Limited Too roots (if you know, you know) and the lush colors in Hawaii, where I grew up. Wearing bright, bold hues just makes my days a little happier.”

“This look feels very sporty spice to me (in the best possible way),” she says of her tracksuit look. “I love that it has a pop of color, and for someone who really never wears a bra, this neon number makes it feel like a real outfit and one that I definitely won’t be embarrassed to wear to the grocery store.” I’m personally inspired to get a little more colorful with my lounge outfits, but if that’s not your thing, don’t worry—this fit comes in black, too (just keep scrolling!).

For those of us who need some extra motivation to look put-together these days, Madison’s got advice for that too. “Throw your hair in a sleek, low bun—Hailey Bieber style—and stack on some jewels. I opt for small gold hoops, and I pile on rings, too. Brush your brows up; throw on some lipstick; you’re done and ready for whatever FaceTimes come your way that day.” I’ve definitely had a few impromptu video calls with friends and co-workers, and let’s just say I have learned my lesson.

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