How to Remove Body Fat at Home – Science Backed Quick Weight Loss Tips

To stay fit and healthy is one of the things all of us want, but we shy away from admitting it in public because we think it takes so much work. What if we told you weight loss does not have to be a crude process that drains you? What if we told you losing that body fat is easy and can be done at home, without much effort? 

While there are endless diet plans and supplements that claim to provide quick weight loss, all of these meal replacement plans and supplements do not have any scientific evidence to fall back upon. However, you can utilize certain strategies, which are science-backed, to help you with weight loss, at the comfort of your home. 

1. Be mindful of your diet and exercise

If you’re trying to lose body fat, whether at home or outdoors, you’ve to follow a plan which includes a fixed healthy diet and a few mobility exercises. There are numerous online food trackers you can use to make a log of what you consume every day. Tracking weight loss and diet are really effective in your weight loss journey. 

2. Be mindful of what you eat

Mindful eating does not just include what you eat, but how and where you eat it. If you want to lose excess body fat, you’ve to be mindful of all these factors. There are certain techniques, for mindful eating, like you should sit down in front of a table to eat your meals, and try to not be distracted or occupied with your gadgets or devices when you eat and take time to chew your food well and eat it slowly. When you eat slow, your brain gives you the right signals, that your appetite has been fulfilled, and hence prevents overeating, thus helping the effective loss of body fat. 

3. Your breakfast should have protein

The first meal of the day is very important. Some people often think skipping breakfast would lead to quick weight loss, but that’s a myth. Instead, you should have a good breakfast that starts you up well for the day and packs you up with energy. Consuming protein is a great idea, as it gives your body the energy while your body produces less of the appetite hormone or hunger hormone ghrelin.

The effect of a good protein satiated breakfast lasts for a couple of hours and definitely helps in maintaining a good diet for losing your body fat. Eggs, oats, yogurt and nuts have enough protein to get you through.

4. Cut down on carbohydrates and sugar

Consuming more sugar leads to gaining body fat and obesity in all Western countries. So, you’ve to be careful to not drown yourselves in beverages and food that have no fiber in them, are refined carbohydrates, in the form of processed foods, like white rice, pasta, or bread. These foods get digested in the system very quickly, producing glucose, which enters the bloodstream, provoking the hormone insulin, responsible for fat storage in the adipose tissue. Thus, all of this contributes to gaining body fat and can be avoided if the specific food items and beverages rich in glucose and sugar are avoided. It’s important that we give up indulging habits for long-term health. 

carbohydrates and sugar Quick Weight Loss

5. Fiber is a must

Weight loss does not mean that you should not be eating well. Science does not back up myths to starve yourself. Science tells you to have effective weight loss, by consuming you the right foods rich in nutrients, for your body. If you’re wondering why you should consume fiber, it is for the fact that it is not easily digestible like glucose or starch, and gives you the feeling of fullness, for longer periods of time, helping in weight loss. Fruits, and pulses, and vegetables, whole grain cereals or pasta or oats, seeds, and nuts are a good source of fiber for your body. By eating these foods, you can avoid the constant need to satiate the hunger hormone ghrelin, derive energy for your day without putting on any excess body fat. 

6. Sleeping well

Contrary to what most of you think, sleep is very necessary for leading a healthy living. No doubt it helps you lose excess body fat, and in your journey of weight loss, too! Getting a good night’s sleep of an average of 8 hours means relieving your body of stress. You should avoid stress if you’re trying to have a weight loss regime, because stress, and more so constant stress, releases cortisol, which increases your appetite and leads to stress eating throughout the day. You keep on responding to the cortisol need of carbohydrates by eating which increases your body fat and impedes your weight loss regime. 

Sleeping well Quick Weight Loss

Some methods to reduce stress include practicing yoga or doing meditation, which helps you calm your heart rate. Numerous breathing techniques and relaxation exercises also help in reducing stress. You should also take a walk outside every day, or do some gardening. If you do these activities well, you’d reduce stress. And, have a fixed bedtime every day. Do not stay up very late as they impede your digestive capabilities. Waking up comparatively earlier and starting the day with breakfast is a great way to get started on that weight loss journey.

7. Do cardio

You do not have to hit the gym to lose body fat, but you do have to make your body perform some activity. The best that works for losing body fat is cardio. Doing cardio burns your extra calories, and helps all the other strategies, by making your body sweat out the extra fit. The trick is to not do too much of it, but a healthy amount of it regularly. Do a 15-minute cardio exercise, every day, and within a month, you would begin to see the results of your weight loss. Cardio is very effective, and there are numerous online videos to get you started as a beginner.

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