Floss Bikinis Are a Thing, and They’re Exactly What You’re Thinking

There’s no doubt that summer will feel a lot different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about fun new swim trends, even if we’re just wearing them in our very own backyards. The trend I want to talk through today is one I originally spotted on not just swimwear, but clothing too. I defined the trend as “any article of clothing that slinkily ties and wraps around a bare midriff,” but the more research I did, I realized this isn’t just a micro clothing trend, but a major bikini trend as well. And for the sake of journalism, I’m naming them “floss bikinis.”

Floss bikinis are the summertime 2020 version of last year’s ever-popular floss heels, and yes, these swimsuits are exactly what you’re thinking—tiny strings wrapping around various parts of the body, crisscrossing here and there and well, everywhere.

Most of the ties are attached to the tops, but I managed to find some unique versions of the trend featuring multiple strings on bikini bottoms as well. From neutral colors to striking patterns, take time to check out all the various ways one can don the floss-bikini trend this summer, wherever you may be.

Pictured: Inamorata Las Olas Top ($75) and Las Olas Bottom ($75). Emily Ratajkowski is a longtime supporter of this bikini trend. So much so that one of the best-selling bikinis from her swimwear brand, Inamorata, just so happens to be adorned with a tied-up midsection. 

Shop the matching and Las Olas Bottom ($75).

Shop the matching High Waist Bikini Briefs ($135).

Pictured: ASOS Recycled Mix and Match Sleek Triangle Multiway Bikini Top ($13). We love this trend in black because it allows you to mix and match with a wide variety of bottoms. So whether you’re a barely there tie-side girl or prefer a more retro a high-rise, the trend still applies. 

Shop the matching Recycled Mix and Match Sleek Channelled Tie Side Bikini Bottom ($12).

Shop the matching Swept Away Bottom ($67).

Pictured: Reina Olga Hawn Tiger Stripe Wrap-Around Bikini Set ($137). If you too have been influenced by Tiger King, then an animal-print version of a floss bikini is definitely the direction you should be taking.

Shop the matching Tulip Bottom ($78).

Pictured: Inamorata Las Olas Top ($75) and Las Olas Bottom ($75). This photo is making us miss beaches and summertime social gatherings, in general, but for now, we will use it as inspiration to freshen up our swimsuit assortment. 

Shop the matching Bow Bikini Top ($40). 

Pictured: Inamorata Las Olas Top ($75) and Las Olas Bottom ($75). This look is proof that accessories (even a coconut) will always make a bikini look more interetsing. 

Shop the matching High Leg High Waist Bikini Bottom ($26).

Shop the matching Sunset Bikini Bottom ($92).

Pictured: Inamorata Las Olas Top ($75) and Las Olas Bottom ($75). It’s crazy how much of a difference this tiny crisscross detail can make on the overall appearance of a bikini. 

Shop the matching Talise Bikini Bottom ($99).

Pictured: Matteau The Wrap Triangle Top ($135). I never knew a floral bikini could be so interesting. And don’t fret, if high-rise bottoms are more your style, this set caters to you as well. 

Shop the matching Sloane Bikini Bottom ($149). 

Pictured: Inamorata Las Olas Top ($75) . Nothing goes better with the ocean than deep shades of blue (and a coordinating towel to match). 

Shop the matching Sadie Bikini Bottom ($68).

Shop the matching High Noon Bikini Bottom ($110).

Pictured: Solid & Striped bikini . Unfortunately, this exact bikini is no longer with us, but I can promise you that any of the other suits shopped out for you here will hit just as hard.  

Shop the matching Recycled Mix and Match Sleek Channelled Tie Side Bikini Bottom ($15).

Shop the matching High Waist Brief ($135). Next up, shop the five random summer trends I’m already stocking up on.  This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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