Everything We’re Buying During the Epic Friends of Glossier Sale

According to Glossier founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, a few months ago, a “FRIENDSOFGLOSSIER” promo code accidentally leaked, and the internet went completely wild. Today, it’s no accident: The Friends of Glossier Sale is offering 20% off everything (yes, everything) on the website between 6/10–6/14.

As huge fans of the beauty brand, Who What Wear editors were particularly excited for this surprise shopping event of the season. Since we’ve tested literally every Glossier product ever, there’s no excuse not to fill up our cart with tried and true favorites. 

Whether you’re new to the brand, or an OG fan, our editors are eager to share their Glossier must-haves. Read on for recommendations from team members in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Keep that credit card handy—the only thing that feels better than receiving a package of Glossier goodies in the mail is knowing you got them for a steal.  

“Liquid eyeliner is my thing so I’ve tried them all. The Glossier Pro Tip liquid eyeliner is truly superior. From application (the tip is perfectly flexible to hug the curve of your eye) to wear (it’s smudge-proof, buildable, and long-wearing), it hits all the marks.”—Courtney Higgs, beauty editor

“I’m already a big fan of Glossier’s newest product Ultralip. It’s so nourishing and balmy and leaves such a juicy shine. Villa is a great everyday shade, but I’m looking forward to trying the bolder shades as well.”—Allyson Payer, senior editor

“I’ve been using Glossier’s Gen G in Crush as part of my makeup routine since the year the product itself came out. It’s the perfect natural color that still gives my lips a pop, and I truly don’t feel ‘ready’ for the day without it.”—Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, senior market editor

“I simply can’t live without the Stretch Concealer (my shade is G9). The formula is super buildable, blends easily, and gives a hydrated look that’s never cakey. At this point, I think I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve restocked it.”—Anna LaPlaca, associate editor

“I keep a Glossier lip gloss in just about every handbag I own. It’s shiny but not sticky and keeps my lips ultra moisturized. It’s the perfect addition to any dewy makeup look.”—Anneliese Dominguez, assistant editor

“Glossier’s Cloud Paint is one of my all-time favorites. Like the name implies, it gives an angelic flush of color, and I can’t get enough of the pretty little tubes.”—Kat Collings, Who What Wear Editor in Chief 

“I’m obsessed with Glossier’s Boy Brow. It adds that extra bit of definition to my brows without looking cakey or overdone. It magically makes my features look one thousand times better.”—Judith Jones, senior market editor

“I love the subtle difference the pen makes to my brows. It enhances and shapes my brows without looking like I’ve actually got brow product on. The pen itself has a light-as-air texture—almost like a brown watercolor.”—Jones

“I swear by the Lash Slick mascara because I like my mascara to not look like mascara! This is so lightweight and subtle but it still does lift and curl and exaggerate what’s already there. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone else who doesn’t like super-thick coverage or a dramatic finish.”—Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear UK Editor in Chief 

“Glossier’s original balm dotcom is my go-to. It’s so simple but it makes my lips super hydrated. I apply it multiple times throughout the day and on the occasion that I wear an actual lip color, I dab some of it on top because my lips just feel so much better when I do.”—Caitie Schlisserman, managing editor

“When I tell you that this serum changed my life, I’m not being hyperbolic. Anytime I’m about to meet my partner for date night or the girls for brunch I put on a pump of Glossier’s hybrid oil serum, Futuredew. I love that this serum not only provides the immediate glow that will garner compliments but over time, it has also helped my eczema-prone skin stay hydrated.”—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, audience engagement editor

“It might be a new launch, but the Glossier Cleanser Concentrate has already become a go-to in my skincare routine. Once I’ve removed my makeup (normally using the classic Glossier Milky Jelly) I use this as my second cleanse. It’s gently exfoliating so my skin always looks way smoother once I’ve rinsed it away and so much brighter too. I’ve used it every day since I got it and, as a beauty editor, that’s the mark of a good product.”—Mica Ricketts, editor

“There’s a reason this dark horse perfume from Glossier is award-winning: it’s addictive, unique, and smells insanely good (and a little bit different) on everyone. If you’re looking for an affordable fragrance that’s still very obsession-worthy, try it.”—Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor

I’ve been prioritizing skincare over makeup for the past few years, so I was delighted to discover Glossier’s daily sunscreen. The compact tube and pump packaging make this easy to stash in any bag (I keep one in my fanny pack during bike rides in Prospect Park), and the formula itself is a clear gel, meaning no white cast or a streaky application. While it’s important to wear SPF every day, I highly recommend this handy product for anyone looking forward to a summer on the go.

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