Angelina Jolie Wore the Designer Mask That Was an It Item Even Pre-Pandemic

With Angelina Jolie’s minimal, neutral style aesthetic, the last thing you’d expect to see her wear is a hypebeast It item, but there are no rules anymore, so here we are. The streetwear she just paired with a very Angelina Jolie-esque black midi dress and mules is Off-White’s Arrows Mask, which retails for $105. When we first saw photos of Jolie wearing the mask in Los Feliz this week, we admittedly did a double-take, but the longer we stare at it, the more it kind of works for some reason.

Unlike most brands, Off-White was making face masks long before the Covid-19 pandemic made them a thing in the U.S. (Here’s a photo of Hailey Bieber wearing one for a past Coachella fitting.) When masks become essential earlier this year, Off-White’s were sold out everywhere, but the brand has since restocked, and in even more styles. Keep scrolling to shop them for your own mask collection, if you feel like splurging on a streetwear It item that’s Angelina Jolie-approved.

On Angelina Jolie: Off-White Black Arrows Mask ($105); Gabriela Hearst Garcia Heels ($650)

Next up: For $26 J.Lo’s beautiful face mask can be yours.

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