3 AB Moves With A Stability Ball

3 AB Moves With A Stability Ball

These will totally work your abs and core! All you need is a stability ball

ABS, CORE, OBLIQUES 3 moves with a stability ball (and with modifications below)

  • Forearm rollouts from the your knees.
  • Side lifts. To modify this and make it easier push the ball against a wall. To make it more challenging bring both legs out instead of having the bottom knee down.
  • Planks off the ball … add in knees to ball. To modify this one push the ball against a wall and come down to your forearms
  • No magic number or reps… do what’s challenging for YOU would rather you get a few good ones in with great form vs trying to hit a “number”

I did not put anything in this stability ball lol someone always ask! It came with sand in it to help it not roll away when not in use.

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